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The Renovation Fight Team (RFT) presents an opportunity for the general public who are interested on developing mixed martial arts skills by living the a real MMA and Luta-Livre experience.

Marcio Cromado, the iconic black belt 5º DAN, would be responsible for your development and training in the world of Mixed Martial Arts.

Marcio Cromado RFT’s head coach, has been coaching Luta-Livre for the past 20 years. Coach Cromado has in his resume a hand full of successful athletes such as: Luciano Azevedo, Leonardo Chocolate, Luis Betao Nogueira, Junior PQD, Jose Maria “No Chance” , Luiz Besouro and many others.

RFT is one of the main MMA teams in Brazil, with branches in 5 different states within the country, and overseas branches in Panama, Israel and the United States. If you are interested in this unique opportunity, the RFT family offers the RFT Camp or Coach Cromado Special Seminar.



By choosing to attend the “RFT Camp” at our training center in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, you would be able to experience the routine of a professional athlete by following an extensive work out schedule. The camp schedule includes MMA, Luta-Livre, Wrestling and Muay Thai classes, from Monday through Friday.  RFT has inside their facilities shared dorms (male’s only) that are available for the athletes that attend the camp (prices may vary); the facilities also include bathroom and an efficient kitchen area.



If you decide to participate in the seminar, Coach Marcio Cromado would be available for a certain amount of time each year to travel around the globe in order to share his knowledge, experience.
Coach Cromado’s seminar schedule is available at the RFT website (www.rft.com.br) or upon request.

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